Deadly mistakes to be avoided
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Deadly mistakes to be avoided

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Use single or duo cell system. Several larger hierarchical networks/groups have been uncovered and brought down in both Europe and the US due to crucial mistakes that could easily have been avoided. Typical mistakes can be affiliations with individuals on government watch-lists, if you add the people from your group on Facebook etc. If you even as much as give indications that you are up to something to people you know, you are incriminating them (and thus, indirectly putting pressure on them to turn you in). A few years ago a large military nationalist network was brought down in the US (consisting of around 100 people). There were clear evidence that the individuals were linked (evidence from informants, phone logs etc) and they all received harsh sentences. The most rational approach would have been to create 50-100 cells and cutting contact with each other completely (12-24 months prior to the assaults). Instead this group worked as one big cell which made them very vulnerable. One key informant could bring down the whole network. Obviously, you are immune to informants/treason if you work alone.


The second mistake is inexperience. Assuming the enemy is stupid, underestimates the enemy's intelligence, thinks everything is easy and, as a result, leaves evidence that can lead to his apprehension. Because of his inexperience, he may also overestimate the resourcefulness of the enemy, believing them to be smarter than they really are. Allowing himself to be fooled by this presumption, he becomes intimidated and remains insecure and indecisive, paralyzed and lacking in audacity.


The third mistake is to select an overwhelmingly protected individual as a target for assassination. 12 failed attempts on an extremely well protected individual could have alternatively been 12 successful attacks on lesser targets executing more than 50 primary targets. Targets should be influential media personalities – multiculturalist politicians, journalists/editors, cultural Marxist professors, Marxist writers/artists, NGO leaders, globalist investors. Obviously, focus on individuals who does not have armed body guards.


The fourth mistake is to boast about the actions you have undertaken or is about to undertake and to broadcast them to the four winds. It is good to have a strong sense of purpose but if you are afflicted by an excessive need to feed your ego, you are likely to trust sensitive information to individuals who will sell you out. If you are desperate for attention and for “love/appreciation/compliments” you are likely to take un-necessary risks that will end in your incarceration. Do not involve your ego by boasting about your success, operation or entering into a “competition” with other patriots. As a Justiciar Knight, you are strictly prohibited from disclosing sensitive information to outsiders (whether they may sympathize with your core principles or not). I estimate that approximately 50% of all armed resistance fighters are are arrested and incarcerated before they even get the chance to execute their mission due to their incompetence in relation to their total lack of discretion.


The fifth mistake is to overestimate your partners strength/conviction and to undertake actions for which you, as yet, lack sufficient equipment or competence.


The sixth mistake is rash action. You lose patience, suffer an attack of nerves, do not wait for anything, and impetuously throw yourself into action, resulting in a failed operation.


The seventh mistake is to fail to plan things THOROUGHLY, and to act spontaneously.

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