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Find the English equivalents.

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Complete the crossword.


1. An accounting statement of a firm’s assets and liabilities.

4. The value of a company’s shares; the value of a property after all charges and debts have been paid.

5. Money that is owed.

7. Documents providing that somebody is the owner of shares.

11. Money in the form of coins or notes.


2. Any item of economic value owned by an individual or corporation, especially that which could be converted to cash.

3. Items of value which are not easily changed into cash but which the business needs.

6. Any investments, cheques, bank deposits, stock that can easily be converted into cash.

8. Wealth or property that is owned by a business or a person.

9. The profit that a company makes.

10. An amount of the profits that a company pays to people who owns shares in the company.

Grammar in Use


There are numbers in the balance sheet sample. Say them in English.

Write down the following sums of money.

1. €75

2. £103

3. 67¢

4. $2045

5. 5672 RUB

6. $2,345.523


8. €5,348

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