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- 2 - 3. The Parties shall provide TELECOM CO. and ROSEXPORT with all such assistance that may be required for the proper fulfilment of their obligations under the Contract in strict compliance with the delivery and payment schedules agreed upon therein. 4. The Parties shall grant TELECOM CO. and ROSEXPORT all licences, or other authorizations that may be required for meeting their obligations under the Contract. 5. The Parties shall refrain from any action that may hinder the proper fulfilment of the Contract in accordance with conditions agreed upon therein and undertake to remove such obstacles. For and on behalf of Ministry of Telecommunications of India For and on behalf of ROSTELECOM Agency

FOCUS 2. Comprehension questions.


? Why is it necessary to draw up minutes of meeting?

? What is this document aimed at?


? What main issues do MOM cover?

? What is the subject of the negotiations?

? What have the Parties agreed upon in the course of technical negotiations?

? What are the results of the price negotiations?

? What possible steps is ROSEXPORT going to take to make the price positions closer?

? What issues are stated in the appendix to the MOM?

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