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Q: А что конкретно будет предпринято участниками конфликта?

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Interview with the BBC’s technology correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones

Q: Г-н Селлан Джоунс, сегодня информационная сеть Твиттер отмечает свой пятилетний юбилей. Что Вы можете сказать по этому поводу?

Rory Cellan-Jones: Yes, that’s right. The social networking site, Twitter is five years old today. It has grown from having a few thousand users to more than 175 million members around the world.

Q: Г-н Селлан Джоунс, очень странно слышать, что Твиттер оказал влияние на радиостанцию Би-Би-Си 5. Как это произошло? И в чем это выражается?

Rory Cellan-Jones: Well, I'm just looking at another tweet right now from a journalist, saying: "Twitter's five today - the most important innovation for journalists in that time. Not much good for insomnia though," and I think that's about right. The first thing I do every morning is have a look at it, because it's become an extraordinary means of communicating news. I find that the first I see of news is it breaking onTwitter.

Q:Рори, не могли бы Вы по-простому объяснить, как она работает? Это социальная сеть? Каковы цели участников сети?

Rory Cellan-Jones: It's a system for putting outmessages that are no more than 140 characters long, so, the length of a text message, really. And you put your message out there, and gradually you hope that more and more people follow you. It's a system slightly like Facebook, where you've got friends, but much more public. And on Twitter you have followers, and you follow people. So, I'm following you, Rachel. I hope you're following me. I'm following about 1,000 people.

Q: Вам как профессионалу она также помогает? Если – да, то – как?

Rory Cellan-Jones: And I certainly find it useful professionally - a, to see news, and b, to get news. If you put a message out there and say: "Who knows about X?" - you'll find the world's experts on Twitter, and they will come to you.

Q: А вы сами тоже участвуете в распространении новостей?

RoryCellan-Jones: That's right. I think that's become more and more important. You see an interesting article, and you put it out there, and everyone can see it. And it’s a quick way of reading the news in the morning.

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Interview with ambassadors to the United Nations

Q: Добрый день, господа. Совету Безопасности наконец удалось найти взаимоприемлемое решение по Сирии, удовлетворяющее членов Совета Безопасности ООН. В этой связи первый вопрос Постоянному представителю Великобритании Марку Лайлу Гранту (Britain'sambassador, MarkLyallGrant). Какова суть резолюции ООН по Сирии и Ваше мнение, поможет ли она приблизить мир в этой арабской стране?

Britain's ambassador, Mark Lyall Grant: The United Nations Security Councilunanimouslygave the go ahead Saturday for a small group of observers to be deployed to Syria to monitor a fragile truce between the government and armed opposition fighters. Some last-minutenegotiations were required to win the full 15-nation council’s approval.

Q: А что конкретно будет предпринято участниками конфликта?

Mark Lyall Grant: Resolution 2042 authorizes up to 30 monitors to be deployed immediately to Syria, where a shaky truceheld Saturday despite reports of government shelling in the flashpointcity of Homs. The resolution is clear about the commitments both the Syrian government and the opposition must fulfill.25 monitors have been identified and could begin arriving in Syria within 24 hours now that their mission has been authorized.

Q: Следующий вопрос Постоянному представителю Российской Федерации в ООН Виталию Чуркину. Господин Постоянный представитель, ваша страна имела серьезные возражения по тексту резолюции. Что вы думаете относительно окончательного варианта Резолюции по Сирии?

Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin:We consider the final resolution to be more balanced. For many months now, the situation in Syria has been the subject of the fixed attention and alarm of the international community and it is understandable. There have been too many casualties, too much suffering to befall the Syrian people, with too many destructive consequences if the crisis continues to grow, not only for Syria itself, but for regional peace and stability.

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