Учебно-практическое пособие для студентов II курса всех специальностей Омск-2011 Рецензенты
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Учебно-практическое пособие для студентов II курса всех специальностей Омск-2011 Рецензенты

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  1. Решите кроссворд:































































  1. Where do you study at?

  2. After finishing the college, what would you like to get?

  3. Where would you like to work?

  4. To be hire on a job, what must you fill in?

  5. Where must you discuss your resume with more details?

  6. What would be your advantage?

  7. What language, as language of international communication must you know?

  8. Who must you discuss many questions with?

  9. What questions must you discuss?

  10. What is your future profession?



Resume writing

What is a Resume?

A resume is a one page summery of your skills, education, and experience. The resume acts much like an advertisement for a company trying to sell something. The resume is your advertisement. Just as a company spends countless hours (and millions of dollars) designing their latest advertising campaign, you too must spend a good deal of time creating proofreading, editing, and perfecting your resume. A resume is one of the most important pieces of writing you will ever create. A solid resume is the key that will open the door to good jobs. Don’t cheat yourself … work hard on it.

How long do employers typically look at resume?

      1. Less that 30 seconds

      2. 8 mins

      3. 1 min

If you answered “A”, you are right. Employers often receive hundreds of resumes for a single position. They do not have time to read every word. This increases the importance of the smallest details.

What should be included in a resume?


Your heading should include the essential personal information. Your formal name (not nickname) should appear at the top. You want them to remember who you are in less than 30 seconds. Also include your address (both permanent and temporary) and phone number. If you use email, include your email address.

^ Objective (also called “Career Objective”):

Employers often say this is the most important part of a resume. It is generally a one sentence explanation of the type of job you are seeking. Your objective should be fairy specific. If you are applying for different types of jobs, change your objective to match each type of job. If you are uncertain about the specific positions available, note your areas of interest.


As students, this should be your next section of information. If you are in college, you only need to include college because it is assumed that you have graduated from high school. For the same reason, high school students shouldn’t include information from junior high/middle school. You should specify the dates of entrance or graduation (or expected graduation). As a college student, include the degree you expect to receive. Some people include education-related honors of this section. If your education is particularly relevant to a job, you may want to include a section titled “Relevant Courses.” In this category, you can list classes that might contribute to your employability.

^ Experience (also called “Work Experience” or “Employment Experience”):

In this section, you should include previous employers, their locations, your dates of employment, and your job title. You should include at least two one-line descriptions of what your job duties and responsibilities were. You can not assume that the job title explains what you did to all readers. Use action verbs to start each of these descriptions. Do not use “I” in descriptions.


Employers like to see people who have been involved in school or community activities. In this section, list special activities you participated in and organizations you joined (drama club, baseball team, etc.). Inclued the years in which you participated. Be aware, however, that some employers may eventually view this information as irrelevant. As high school students, this should not be a concern.

^ Summary of Skills:

Some people use this section to include special skills or talents that are not included elsewhere on the resume, but would be relevant to the employer. Some possibilities are:

  • Type 60 words per minute

  • Fluent in English


Although it is common practice to put “References Available Upon Request” at the bottom of a resume, most career advisors say it is unnecessary. However, there is nothing wrong with taking a nicely printed list of personal references with you to an interview. You should have 2 – 3 people who have observed your work habits (employers, teachers, coaches, etc.) and 2 - 3 people who can speak about your character. Make sure you have asked their permission to include them as references. Only ask people who will speak well of you. Create a separate list of references including their names, addresses, employers, job titles, and phone numbers. It is best to list work numbers since some people don’t appreciate request a list of references.

    1. ^ Прочитайте резюме:

Jessica Brown
42 Washington Avenue
Auburn, Maine 04240
(207) 555-5555

Career Objective:

Computer support technician in central Maine


High School Diploma, June 2010
Cambridge University
G.P.A. 8.2 Class Rank: 45 out of 411

^ Honors and Awards:

Honor Roll for last three semesters
Perfect Attendance Award for the last two academic years
Relevant Courses:
Introduction to a computer Repair I
Database & Spreadsheets
Introduction to BASIC Word Processing I

Computer Experience:

^ Neighborhood “Computer Expert”.

2001 – present. Performed troubleshooting for several friends and relatives who were having difficulty with their hardware and software. Resolved the issue 95% of the time.

Network Assistant(volunteer)

– Cambridge University September 2009 – June 2010. Assembled 20 computers for new computer laboratory, loaded software on each one and networked them.

Other Experience:


, Rolandeau's, Auburn, Maine. Summer 2001.
Provided efficient, friendly, quality service in busy fine dining

Child care provider

– Freeport, Maine. Summer 2000. Provided
safe, warm environment for two children aged 4 and 7. Supervised
their self-directed play, prepared meals and snacks, settled disputes, determined appropriate discipline and followed bedtime routines.


^ Soccer Team

- 1998-2002 - Co-captain 2000-2002

Civil Rights Team

- 2002

Soup Kitchen Volunteer

- 1999-2001

2) Прочитайте и переведите слова и используйте их по необходимости при заполнении резюме:

accept meet train give
activate compare demonstrate serve
solve create develop promote
test design exercise select
analyze establish justify contact
manage improve store inform
organize make control coordinate
plan select assist testify

^ 3) Создайте свое резюме.

4) Прочитайте и переведите диалог:

- Good day.
- Good day. Secretary speaking. Who is calling?
- My name is Jane Wale.
- Oh, good day miss. What can I do for you?
- I would like to speak to Managing Director.
- I’m sorry. He is busy at the moment. He is having talk. They won’t finish before 12. Can you phone him later?
- Oh, I don’t know. I think, I can’t.
- And nevertheless, may be, I can help? What matters are you going to discuss with him?
- Well, I would like to know more information about your announcement.
- We are looking for someone who has experience for sales, and also has the knowledge in accounting. Fluent Russian you can come here tomorrow.
- Yes, I could. Any time you say.
- At 10 o’clock tomorrow, please.
- Ok. Thank you. Good-bye.
- Good bye.

^ 5) Переведите на английский язык следующие фразы:

Говорит секретарь, хотелось бы поговорить, в данный момент, не закончит до, тем не менее, возможно, собираться обсудить с, узнать больше о вашем объявлении, опытный в продажах, бухгалтерия, в любое время.

6) Прочитайте диалог:

(it’s 10 o’clock in the morning) (Действие происходит в приемной у секретаря)

    • Excuse me. May I come in?

    • Come in, please. What can I do for you?

    • I’d like to meet your Managing Director.

    • Did you make an appointment to him for today?

    • Yes, I did. I called you yesterday.

    • Oh, sit down, please.

    • Ok.

    • Director is expecting for you.

(В кабинете директора)

Претендент 1

- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Can I speak to you?
- What’s your matter?
- I would like to apply for the position of the Accountant.
- How old are you?
- I’m 20.
- What have you graduated?
- I have graduated from Cambridge College.
- Are you married?
- No, I’m single.
- Ok, fill in the resume, please.
- Will you spell the accountant, please?
- Certainly, a-c-a-u-n-t-a-n-t.
- You have made a mistake.
- Oh, may be…
- I’m sorry, but we can’t hire you on a job. We have a need in an educational person.

Претендент 2

    • Let me come in.

    • Come in.

    • What’s the matter with you?

    • I’ve read your advertisement.

    • So you are looking for…

    • Yes. I have been looking for a new job for some time, but haven’t been lucky so far.

    • Yes, there is a vacancy at our Accounts department. And we would like…

    • Oh, that would be kind of you. What’s your company business? What’s my salary?

    • Excuse me, but we hire experienced person with fluent Russian and English and good organizational and computer skills and …

    • What’s my salary?

    • … and cultured person. Excuse me, but we can’t hire you.

Претендент 3 (красный диплом, опрятно одет и т.д.)

- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- May I…
- Come in please. Nice to see you.
- So am I.
- Ok. And now please, let’s get down to business. What would you like?
- I’d like to work in your firm as an accountant.
- I’d like to know some information about you. Where are you from?
- I’m from Russia.
- What have you graduated?
- I have graduated from Omsk College of Management and Law, the faculty of Accounting.
- Are you married?
- No, I am not.
- Did you work before?
- Yes, a little.
- And what was your last job?
- I worked at a joint-stock company.
- Ok, can you show me your resume?
- Yes, of course.
- Well, we hire you on a job.

^ 7) Вы – руководитель фирмы, схема которой представлена на рисунке. Расскажите о своей фирме, ответив на вопросы:

^ Research and







^ Chief

of the

Credit Department



^ Product



^ Sales Manager




  • How many departments are there at the company?

  • How many managers work at the company?

  • What is in your opinion the most important department?

  • Are there any overseas branches?

8) Обсудите недостатки и преимущества каждого претендента из предыдущего диалога, в речь добавьте вопросы претендентов на должность и ответы руководителей о фирме (используя таблицу в упр

9) Разыграйте диалоги.


1) Закончите предложения.

  1. I don’t know those girls. Do you know them?

  2. I don’t know Fred’s wife. Do you know …?

  3. I want to see him but … doesn’t want to see …

  4. They live with … parents.

  5. Do you like … job?

  6. Sally is married. … husband works in a bank.

  7. Be careful! That plate is very hot. Don’t burn …

  8. They never think about other people. They only think about …

  9. Thank you for … letter.

  10. We are going to invite all … friends to the party.

2) Вставьте артикль там, где это необходимо.

  1. What’s .. weather like today? – … weather is fine.

  2. This is … good … book. Take … book from … table. Put this … book into … bookcase.

  3. There is … sofa in … corner of … room.

  4. My … friend has to get up early in … morning because he goes to … college.

  5. My friends live in … small town. It is … new town. … streets in … town are broad and straight. There are … beautiful buildings in them. … town is very green, so … air is fresh. There are … beautiful parks and gardens in … town. … people like to go there after … work. In … evening you can hear … sounds of … music from … parks.

  6. For … breakfast I have … coffee with … milk and … sugar. I have … jam too.

  7. I study … English. I attend … English classes in … evening.

  8. Bill Robins was … very rich man. He was … richest man in … village.

  9. … Moscow is situated on … Moscow River. … Moscow is a river that moves very slowly. There is … canal called … Moscow-Volga Canal which joins … Moscow to … Volga. … Volga runs into … Caspian Sea.

  10. Swift, … famous English writer, was traveling one day on … horseback with his servant.

3) Вставьте глагол to be :

  1. The weather is very nice today.

  2. I … not tired.

  3. The case … very heavy.

  4. These cases …. very heavy.

  5. Look! There … Carol.

  6. I … hot. Can you open the window, please?

  7. This castle … one thousand years old.

  8. My brother and I … good tennis players.

  9. Ann … at home but her children … at school.

  10. I … a student. My sister … an engineer.

4) Переведите на английский язык. Задайте вопросы к предложениям:

1. Я студент второго курса Омского колледжа предпринимательства и права.
2. Наш новый работник – художник, он не инженер.
3. Моя сестра на работе. Она врач.
4. Я не в колледже. Я дома.
5. Она преподаватель иностранного языка в колледже.

5) Назовите дни недели.

6) Прочитайте следующие даты:

15 August 1432; 18 December 1683; 5 October 1156; 27 March 1745; 14 April 1832; 23 November 1935; 22 June 1937; 26 May 1567; 3 August 1432; 8 January 1965; 23 February 1918; 16 September 1667

7) Вставьте глагол to have:

1. They like animals. They … three dogs and two cats.
2. Sarah … a car. She goes everywhere by car.
3. Everybody likes Tom. He … a lot of friends.
4. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson … two children, a boy and a girl.
5. An insect … six legs.
6. I can’t open the door. I … a key.
7. Quick! Hurry! We … much time.
8. “What’s wrong?” “I … something in my eye.”
9. Ben doesn’t read much. He … many books.
10. It’s a nice town. It … a very nice shopping centre.
11. Alice is going to the dentist. She … toothache.
12. “Where’s my newspaper?” “I don’t know. I … it.”
13. Julia wants to go on holidays but she … any money.
14. I’m not going to work today. I … bad cold.

8) Поставьте следующие словосочетания во множественное число:

This tea-cup, that wall, that picture, this foot, that mountain, this lady, that window, this man, this knife.

9) Раскройте скобки, употребляя требующуюся форму прилагательного.

1. Which is (large): the United States or Canada? 2. What is the name of the (big) port in the United States? 3. Moscow is the (large) city in Russia. 4. The London underground is the (old) in the world. 5. There is a (great) number of cars and busses in the streets of Moscow than in any other city of Russia. 6. St. Petersburg is one of the (beautiful) cities in the world. 7. The rivers in America are much (big) than those in England. 8. The island of Great Britain is (small) than Greenland. 9. What is the name of the (high) mountain in Asia? 10. The English Channel is (wide) than the Straits of Gibraltar. 11. Russia is a very (large) country.

10) Вставьте правильную форму there is или there are:

A: Are there any fitness clubs near here?
B: Yes, … . I go to the Eden Fitness Club.
A: Great! … a swimming pool?
B: Yes, … . In fact, … two. One for children.
A: … any swimming classes for the kids?
B: Yes, … - at the week end, I think. And … tai chi classes. They are very relaxing.
A: Sounds great. … any yoga classes/.
B: No, …, but … massages and … free childcare.
A: That sounds good. … a restaurant?
B: No, but … a café with free wi-fi access.

2.6 Тексты для чтения и перевода

Текст 1

Tips For Behaving In A New Office

  • You should be very attentive at work for the first day. It can be really dangerous if your take the first days in your office without much importance. It is a fact that a new employee will be observed at every second. Experienced people in the office will be interested in observing a new employee’s behavior and working style. There may be people who never like a new one in their cabin. You shouldn’t be a victim to their gossips by acting so silly.

  • When you are hired for doing a specific work, you have to take it as worship. Before you join an organization, you should ask yourself whether you want to do this job or not. If the job you got is your dream job, you should dedicate yourself completely in that to excel in the work. If you work hard, you can easily get a good name in your office.

  • Punctuality is a very good habit which is a must for an employee. Everybody likes punctual people. They will call you as ‘the man at the right time’. When the whole world is getting globalized and people do work for numerous clients, time is of course, money. When time is money, each and every minute you spend without a purpose is like wasting money. So reach your office in time or if possible before time. If you reach your office, say thirty minutes before time that will help you organizing the day’s work without any disturbance.

  • You must know your responsibilities. Don’t give a chance to the bullies to turn their machine guns on by being irresponsible. Try to achieve your work target every time, without fail. Check your finished work again and again for making it error-free. You should go through your office manuals and get a clear idea of what is expected from you.

  • When you are confused about any complexities in work, don’t waste your time by exclaiming and using some goofy logic. Seek help of the experienced people in your team. Your concern for the work will be expressed if you ask doubts. If you try to solve the problem on your own, it may take a lot of time and can be a reason for less productivity from your side.  

  • Respect your company and take a pride in being the employee of the company. You should get to know the system of the company. If your company is running on a traditional system, do not pose as a revolutionary to change it all. Try to learn the advantages and disadvantages of that system and give suggestions for improvements at appropriate forums.

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